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"I've been thru sheer hell going to dentists. The pain I've experienced during procedures and the ignorance versus professionalism of the dentist at many other offices got me to the point I couldn't bear to go to another one. I eventually went to one a while and said you hurt me pal, you'll be the one sitting in this chair. Needless to say I was told to leave. Anyhow. Fast forward to today (5/16/17). I had finally gotten such a severe toothache I couldn't bear to the pain anymore. A couple of people I know personally had recommended I see Dr. Shah. He was nothing short of sensational. Professional, courteous and knows damn right well what hes doing. I had zero pain at all with my extraction he did for me & I felt comfortable to the point he was like a guy I knew for years. Tanya his assistant is awesome as well, and kept my temper in check and is as sweet as they come. I would highly recommend if you have a problem with your teeth. This is THE GUY you want to see."

-Travis B.

"Complete satisfaction, one of the best dentist in area. I was in pain and got tooth extracted and it was painless."

-R. Wilson

"Dr. Shah extracted my tooth and I felt no pain at all through the entire procedure."

-Dana N.

As you are very well aware, that we (my wife and me) are getting all our dental treatments (routine maintenance, perio cleaning, restoration with crowns, bridge and partials) at your office since last three years.
I have not had any single incidence where I never received required careful evaluation and adequate treatment from you. Remarkably at times, I have received quick attention from your staff even during your short absence.
It is not an exaggeration to say that this has been our most satisfying experience after our migration to USA from India (during 1987), when we recollect the treatment and expertise demonstrated by any of our previous six different Dental Offices during span of more than 25years (1987-2013).
I sincerely wish to appreciate the care rendered by your lovely staff (Tanya and Michelle) and you as Captain in service of others.

-Subhash Shah

"Dr.Shah and his staff are the absolute best. They cater to cowards such as myself with compassion and patience. They are very accommodating when you need an appt. I highly recommend then. " 


Comfort of the lobby/waiting area:
"Very Good"

Cleanliness of facilities:
"Very Good"

Front office team member’s attentiveness to your needs:
"Very Good"

Assisting staff's attentiveness to your needs:
"Very Good"

Hygienist's attentiveness to your needs:
"Very Good"

Doctor's attentiveness to your needs:
"Very Good"

Helpfulness of the staff scheduling your appointment:
"Very Good"

Timeliness of appointment:
"Very Good"

Teamwork exhibited by our dental team:
"Very Good"

Thoroughness of exam and treatment:
"Very Good"

Friendliness of the dental assistant:
"Very Good"

Professionalism of the dental assistant:
"Very Good"

Oral hygiene education provided by the hygienist:
"Very Good"

Overall rating of care provided:
"Very Good"

Please explain any ratings of fair, poor and very poor:
I have undergone treatment from 5 different dentist in last 25 years but Dr shah has exhibited unique qualities in last 3 years which I never experienced before.

Any additional comments/suggestions:
"Lots of luck for his continuing best care of patients and be available to patients,"

"Inman aligner has already changed my smile within 3 weeks of using it. My teeth have straightened and can't wait for final results!" 

-Jessica P.

"I have four surgical dental root extractions done by Dr. Shah few days ago. Dr. Shah has done the extractions very skillfully. When numbness wore off, I virtually felt no pain at all, did not need to take even any ordinary painkiller such as Advil or Tylenol. I am back to normal now. I will highly recommend Dr. Shah for any dental work. Thanks Dr. shah, Tanya and Jackie."

-Tahmina F.

"Today was my first visit with Dr. Shah! He was absolutely amazing! I am very nervous about going to the dentist first of all. I have very bad teeth I went in for just a consult and had to have a tooh removed because it was hurting me. He explained my many options, he was wonderful and very compassionate too! His assistant Tanya was AMAZING, very friendly and personable and of course professional! This was the most comfortable I have ever felt in a dentist office! He has all of the state of the art equipment! I will definitely be going back for all of my future dental needs, and of course my whole family will be going there too! Thank you so much Dr. Shah and Tanya! Im actually looking forward to seeing you guys again! Sincerely."

-Tammy B.

I started going to Dr. Shah in 2006. I needed a lot of dental work done on my teeth, unfortunately I have a sensitive gag reflex and I really make the doctor work hard. Dr. Shah has the most patient and accommodating staff of and dentist I have ever been to.'

-John F.


"I was having pain in my gums whenever I ate anything hot or cold. It was really bothersome, all of the time. Dr. Shah was able to use a laser to fix my gums and the pain went away, almost right away. Best $75 I ever spent. I would recommend Dr. Shah to anyone having this type of problem."


"I had been suffering from severe pain due to my wisdom teeth coming in. I was at the point that I couldn't even eat anymore, so I decided to visit Dr. Shah. I was not looking forward to having my teeth removed, but Dr. Shah suggested a less invasive procedure of Laser Surgery. Thanks to Dr. Shah and his amazing staff, the procedure was quick, completely pain-free and surprisingly a good experience. The recovery was instant as I started eating normally by the next day. I can't thank him enough for relieving my anxiety and pain with such great patient care. I strongly recommend trying his laser dentistry if it is in consideration for your treatment!"

Dr.Shah and his staff are excellent! you are treated in a professional manner with patient comfort and care most important! They are the best . I was from out of town and got home town feelings. Bob Burkhart, Matlacha, Florida.

 Again "THANKS to Dr.Shah and his staff!!"

"Dear Dr. Shah and Jackie, thank you both for being so kind and wonderful to me during the last couple of weeks. You made my experience at the dental office a pleasant one. You guys are truly AWESOME! Thanks again your friend, Kathleen "

Kathleen Costello

"As a new patient, I was very impressed by the way I was treated. Everyone was friendly, attentive, kind, and considerate. My level of satisfaction is "excellent". Dr. Shah and Dr. Patel's techniques are amazing. I had several shots to numb my gums and didn't feel any pain whatsoever! I wish I had discovered Dr. Shah years ago as I would not have avoided much needed dental visits. In the past I was treated by a former dentist and was ashamed and feared the dentist. Now I cannot believe how comfortable I feel! And it is all due to Dr. Shah and his staff. I was treated like family and with dignity, respect, and kindness from the moment I entered his office. Your staff are true assets to your practice. Dr. Shah, your wonderful service has not gone unnoticed and I have been blessed to have found such a thoughtful and caring dentist. I am happily referring my family and friends to your practice.


"Dr. Shah,

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent service received in your office. From the care provided by the office staff, to your own interest in my satisfaction.

Thank You,


Thank You!"


"I have been (in the past) so afraid to go to the dentist, but since I have been coming to Dr. Shah I am not afraid.

I feel very comfortable and recommend Dr. Shah highly. The laser treatment I had today was quick and painless.

- J. C.


"I came in (to the office) with a lot of pain and I was unable to chew. Immediately after laser treatment the pain was gone and I was able to chew. I highly recommend this procedure. I've been going to Dr. Shah for years and he's an excellent doctor. He is always making sure I'm okay.

- Angela S.


"My experience today at Dr. Shah's office was great! I was scared at first, because I needed a root canal. Once I got it done, I did't have any more fear. He made my tooth look very nice."



"I have had several bad dental experiences. I saw Dr. Shah's newspaper ad, I love him, no pain, he did everything with laser. I recommend him to all the cowards out there, you'll love your dentist!

Very Happy,"

Chrissy Rienzi


"I am what they refer to as a coward in the dentist industry, but since coming here and Dr.Shah using the laser instead of the old fashion drill I am much more at ease I would recommend this to anyone that is afraid of the dentist chair."