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What To Expect

Here at Oxford Laser Dentistry, we want our patients to be involved with their treatment, and we want them to know what to expect when visiting us. We will always take the time to explain to you what is involved- including how long the treatment will take, how much it will cost, and of course, what procedures will be done.

On your first visit, we will usually start with a cleaning, a comprehensive oral exam, and some x-rays (we use digital x-rays to minimize exposure and eliminate waiting time for your x-rays). If it is an emergency visit, we will treat the affected area first, then move on to looking at your overall oral health.Our goal is to help you acheive healthy teeth and gums and a smile you can be confident with, while working with you to help you decide on the appropriate treatment and how to maintain long term oral health. Please call us if you have any questions on what to expect on your visit. We will always address your questions and concerns.

You can also learn more about us by visiting the other links on our website- it is filled with information about our technology, our practice, and our services.

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